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Quality Plastering

If you are looking for a quality plastering and wall boarding services in London, be sure to get in contact with OnFlow Refurbishment. Depending on what you will need smoothing over, our team of expert professionals will restore your walls and ceilings to their original quality. With a perfect finish on all walls and surfaces, you are ensured that every job is fully completed to your satisfaction.

The services that we provide will of course depend on your individual situation, but builders London offer a wide variety which include:

  • Plastering and Skimming Services
  • Plaster Boarding of Walls and Ceilings
  • Wall or Ceiling Replacement
  • Interior or Exterior Plastering Work
  • Dry Lining Services
  • Creation of Partition Walls

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Guaranteed job.

We providing 4 years guarantee for all our projects.

Imperfection not allowed!

We have reputation for delivering the high-quality plastering services you and your property deserve.


We always leaving the property in this same condition as we arrive.